Reprinted by permission of the Tucson Audubon Society A Thick-billed Kingbird was the latest newly arriving spring migrant at the Paton Center this past week. After a few brief occurrences of birds giving their distinctive buzzy metallic calls as they […]

Summer birds are returning to Patagonia!

Written by Dave Brown. Reprinted by permission of the Patagonia Regional Times. When I moved to Patagonia 16 years ago from Calgary, Alberta, I took full advantage of the world-class bird hunting found in the area. I was at a […]

Fly Fishing for Bass in the Sky Islands

To the fine folks at the Burton Family Foundation, a supporting organization of the Arizona Community Foundation. As a result of their generosity, we were able to commission two fabulous signs for our brand-new Welcome Center. Our thanks also go […]

The SITA Board Sends a Huge Round of Thanks


Reprinted by permission of the Arizona Office of Tourism Spend time outdoors, then sample the local cuisine and arts scene in this small town south of Tucson. Set your sights on birds. Patagonia sits along a prime avian migratory path […]

AOT – Presents a profile on Patagonia

Reprinted by permission of Aaron Mrotek, The Nature Conservancy… The Geoffrey Platts Loop Trail is OPEN! On October 15, 2022, local volunteers worked together to clear and re-open the Geoffrey Platts Loop Trail for public use. Volunteers worked to brush […]

The Geoffrey Platts & Cemetery Trails are open

Written by Sarah Lapidus. Reprinted by permission of the Arizona Republic Borderlands Restoration Network, an environmental conservation and restoration nonprofit in southern Arizona received almost $1 million in federal funding to work alongside numerous agencies for a large-scale three-year project […]

Nonprofit to conserve southern AZ’s landscapes

Monarch waystation

The next generation of monarch butterflies is emerging at the Paton Center! And they need our help.  Without milkweeds throughout their spring and summer breeding areas in North America, monarchs would not be able to produce the successive generations that […]

Learn How to Help the Monarchs

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