Best Spots to Sip Wine in Sonoita and Elgin

Author: Addie Ibarra. Reprinted by permission of the Tucson Foodie.

Imagine this: rolling, grass-covered hills, cooler temps, picturesque Arizona landscapes, and all in all, a perfect bifurcation of cowboys and winos.

Regardless of whether you’re an oenophile, a Sunday sommelier, or perhaps just looking for a tannin-filled good time, Sonoita-Elgin is sure to accommodate your version of wine tasting.

It’s become a tradition to take a drive down with all of my out-of-town guests and celebrate birthdays and big events there. I even got married and held our reception at some of the wineries there in December 2021. And, when you’re as obsessed with your dog as I am with mine, it’s reassuring to have a place that welcomes pups with arms wide open.

These are just 15 of the wineries in the area, which ought to set you on a delicious path through wine country.