Borderlands Restoration Network

Borderlands Restoration Network (BRN) works to rebuild watersheds, restore habitats, and reconnect land and people in the Arizona/Sonora borderlands.

Photo credit: Bill Hatcher

With only 4% of Arizona’s historic rivers flowing, rebuilding watersheds is a critical component to protect all life in the Sky Islands. BRN uses low-tech solutions to slow and sink water, fight erosion, and recharge depleting groundwater. Since 2012, our crews have installed thousands of structures across the Arizona and Sonoran borderlands in conjunction with federal, state, and private partnerships. 

The borderlands of Arizona, part of the Madrean Sky Islands, has the highest diversity of mammals, bees, moths, and butterflies in the U.S. as well as nearly half of the bird species which makes preserving habitat critical.

The BRN Native Plant Material program works to promote and protect biodiversity and ecosystems in the Sky Islands by providing access to restoration-quality native plant materials. The program encompasses production of over 100,000 plants a year and a regional seed center with over 2,000 collections of seed collected from wild lands. We provide a large selection of native trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers for every project for home, large-scale, and contract services.

Our tri-national educational efforts in Arizona, Sonora, and the Tohono O’odham Nation aim to expand opportunities, strengthen the interconnectedness of the border communities, and provide training to help local people earn a living while restoring the lands they call home.

The Borderlands Earth Care Youth (BECY) Institute hires culturally diverse youth living on the US/Mexico border to restore their native watersheds. Working as a team, youth develop leadership and job skills through hands-on restoration projects. Our summer Field School is an intensive practical training course focused on the social and ecological issues of the borderlands region. The faculty, drawn from a diverse group of local experts, leads a series of integrated lectures, field trips, and hands-on learning opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities: Wild-Seed Mondays & Greenhouse Tuesdays — Join us for volunteer workdays at the Nursery & Seed Lab in Patagonia, AZ.

Tours: Looking for something unique to do with a group, or to expand your knowledge of ecological restoration? Contact us for a tour that can be tailored to group size, interest, time and abilities. We love to share our work and the beautiful landscapes of the borderlands.

3rd Saturday Nature Walk Series & Workshops: Join us on the third Saturday of most months for a walk and talk on a variety of nature related subjects lead by local experts.​ Walks are free and open to all, but may have an attendee limit, so make sure to check each event for specific details.

Workshops & Presentations: BRN regularly offers workshops on a wide variety of topics to the public. Check the events calendar on our website for the latest events.



Phone: 520.216.4148

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