Fly’s Exclusives – Handcrafted Jewelry

The owner of Fly’s Exclusives, Frankie Yourgules-Buhrer, has been a silver jeweler since the mid-70s. Honored with the opportunity of living among American Indian families, she acquired traditional beadwork and Navajo/Pueblo silversmithing techniques.  

Flys Exclusives

Sterling Silver Charoite Bracelet

Frankie’s contemporary style of design is a mix of Southwestern techniques and common fabrication methods. Each piece she produces is free-form and unique. She is a juried artisan and member of the Cumberland Valley Craftsman Guild of Pennsylvania. 

Frankie also makes beaded hair jewelry, prayer shawls, prayer scarves, rosaries, blankets, dream catchers and baby items using cro-hook, crochet and other sewing methods. 




441A W. McKeown Avenue, Patagonia AZ