Patagonia Creative Arts Association

The Patagonia Creative Arts Association is a non-profit center that offers programming in all areas of the arts.

Founded in 1999, Patagonia Creative Arts provides classes, workshops, and open studios for both children and adults. Its goals are to connect the community through hands-on activities and provide a safe and nurturing place to bring out the inner artist in everyone.

Patagonia Creative Arts Association has a history of actively creating partnerships to advance arts in education and arts in the community. From the beginning, our programming has encompassed all ages of community members, with our main focus on the children of the area. The programming is balanced, affordable to the public, and vital to the understanding of arts as a contribution to the quality of life.

Patagonia Creative Arts Association
304 Naugle Avenue Patagonia AZ 85624

Phone: 520-394-9639

Office Hours: Tues – Thurs 9AM – 3PM
Event hours will be posted on the website