Patagonia Mountain Cabins – Patagonia

Located 17 miles south of Patagonia, in the Coronado National Forest, on the east flank of the Patagonia Mountains, the Patagonia Mountain Cabins are located on a 30-acre property that is part of the ghost town of Duquesne and the Bonanza Mine that was operational in the late 1800s. The owners have renovated the Bonanza Mine machine shop and live on the property. The Cabin under the Tree was the paymaster’s office and the Cabin on the Hill has been built on a foundation that was uncovered while clearing brush.


Cabin Under The Tree – The converted paymaster’s office is located under an old Mesquite Tree. This fully furnished one room cabin with a shower and flush toilet is ideal for one or two people. An additional person can stay in a small cabin with a full-sized bed located 50 feet from the main cabin. The shower and toilet in the cabin can be accessed via a door on the back screened porch. Amenities include a queen-sized bed, wardrobe, writing table, dining room table and chairs, two rocking chairs, electric heater, an electric stove with oven, full sized fridge, drip coffee maker, a small gas grill and WiFi. The rates are $75/night, $450/week. Monthly rates negotiable. Well behaved pets are allowed, upon approval. Fees apply.


Cabin On the Hill – Built primarily from repurposed materials, this one room cabin offers amazing views of the San Rafael Valley, Huachuca Mountains and Mexico. The cabin is off-grid, solar-powered with running water and composting toilet. This fully furnished one room cabin is ideal for one or two people. Amenities include a queen sized bed, small wardrobe, couch, table and chairs, two burner propane stove and gas grill on porch, small propane fridge, propane heater, French Press and WiFi. The rates are $100/night, $600/week upon approval. Well behaved pets allowed, upon approval. Fees apply.


The Patagonia Mountain Cabins property is ideal as a base to explore, hike, or bike the numerous forest roads in the mountains, San Rafael Valley and beyond, or to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the day and dark skies at night. The property can be accessed either from Patagonia following Harshaw Road or from I-19, exit 12, along South River Road and Duquesne Road. Both access roads are dirt roads for approximately 12 miles.


Patagonia Mountain Cabins 
56 Old Duquesne Road, Patagonia AZ 85624

Text or call: 775-427-7979 or 775-426-8099 with questions or to request more information.