Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center

PYEC is a place where area youth can come together to play, study, build community, learn leadership and life skills, job/career guidance, and much more!

The Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center was founded in March of 2014 by Anna Coleman and her husband, Steve, who felt Patagonia and its surrounding communities of Sonoita and Elgin needed a place to provide support during after-school hours.

After finding a building to rent, the Colemans enlisted the help of the area’s youth to construct walls, paint, decorate, and landscape the upcoming youth center. 

On May 1, 2014, the Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center opened its doors for the community’s youth. The hours that the youth volunteered provided the bridge in allowing the youth center to become theirs and they gained a sense of pride and ownership.

Attendance grows as the young people spread the word of the center. The youth gather at the center six days a week, do homework, eat healthy snacks, play games, watch TV/movies, play video games, and become part of an extended “family”. Peer mentoring activities are an integral part of life at PYEC.

Please visit the PYEC website for information on how you can support this fabulous cause. 

Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center
115 S. 3rd Ave. Patagonia AZ 85624

Phone: 520.343.2356

Hours: Tues -Thur 4 – 8 PM, Fri 5 – 9 PM