Art Movie Exhibition

Patagonia Creative Arts Association brings Exhibition on Screen
to the Tin Shed Theater

EXHIBITION ON SCREEN™ is the originator and pioneer of bringing exhibition-based art films to the cinema. Filmed exclusively for cinema at the exhibitions and on location, this ground-breaking series allows art lovers to revel in and essentially take a virtual tour of iconic art galleries and famous painters.

Executive Producer & Director Phil Grabsky has been making documentaries for 30 years and is a multi-award winner. For the past 15 years he and his colleagues have been both a major independent producer of arts films for TV as well as a pioneer (and largest producer) of cultural documentaries for the cinema. Phil has extensive relationships with galleries around the world. Institutions such as the National Gallery (London), Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Tate, MoMA, Hermitage, National Gallery of Art (Washington DC), Royal Academy and many more.
In Phil Grabsky’s words: “One of the questions asked, perhaps most frequently, is ‘why would I go to the cinema to see an art exhibition?’ I find that easy to answer. What we offer is an opportunity to see the exhibition if you can’t get a ticket or you don’t live in the country of the exhibition. Secondly we offer expert analysis, biography of the artist, behind-the-scenes, all those hidden nooks and crannies that you and I can’t normally get to.” “… what I’ve seen and have been so delighted to recognize is that there is a different and much stronger emotional connection with a cinema screen than with a television screen. And if you can’t get to stand in front of that particular painting, on your own, this is the next best thing, I’m absolutely sure about that.”

All showings Saturday, start at 2pm, doors open at 1. Free admission, Refreshments available.

March 18 – Leonardo
April 15 – Vincent van Gogh: A new way of seeing
April 29 – The Impressionists and the man who made them
May 6th – Girl with a pearl earring

We thank Brent and Denece Bowden, and Jimmy and Marla Green Kuhn for underwriting our Exhibition on Screen series.