The News

The Paton Center just grew, by 5 acres! After 4 years of ongoing work with The Nature Conservancy, Tucson Audubon Society now owns the Paton Creekside Cuckoo Corridor instead of just managing it for TNC. That’s 5 new acres to bird and explore with an […]

Excellent News For Our Local Birders

Rooted in the past. Involved in the present. Investing in the future. That’s the way the Dos Palmas owners describe their approach to life and it’s easy to understand why. Rooted in the PAST is a reference to Dos Palmas […]

Dos Palmas Vacation Home Pays It Forward

The shops in Patagonia are getting ready for the 18th annual Art Walk , as evidenced by the recent activity in Global Arts Gallery. Owner Adrienne Halpert is featuring the work of renown area artist, Linda Rosenfield and the artist […]

Getting Ready for the 2019 Holiday Art Walk

With your help we have celebrated 20 years of low cost or free programming. Serving kids from 5-18, these programs leave a lasting impression on the youth in our community. In addition to the kids’ classes we are proud to offer […]

Patagonia Creative Arts Association Update

Join your fellow adventurers on Saturday, November 9, at 8 am as we depart from Patagonia to Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico. Transportation will be provided by South of the Border Tours. We will lodge at Hotel Hacienda in Casas Grandes […]

The Patagonia Museum Mata Ortiz Bus Tour