Trail Updates – News on Hiking around Patagonia

Written by Aaron Mrotek

Last month, crews from the Arizona Conservation Corps completed major trail re-routes on the Cemetery Trail and the Geoffrey Platts Loop Trail. The re-routes are intended to make the trails more accessible to everyone by eliminating the steep grades, and to reduce erosion. These crews did an incredible job. Please go see and enjoy them!

Big thanks to Patagonia local volunteers Bob Proctor, Alex Johnson, and John Hughes for all their help in planning and designing the re-routes!

Cemetary Trail

The entire Cemetery Trail was trimmed and maintained on 9/24 with the help of several Patagonia local volunteers. We are planning a trail trimming day for the Platts Loop Trail on 11/4. Please reach out to me at aaron.mrotek@TNC.ORG if you would like to volunteer to help keep these trails maintained for the community!